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Thu 5/5/2016


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Dear Students,

on this page you will be able to check your timetable, substitution changes and other usefull information. We hope you will like this page and will find it usefull.

There are fourteen laboratories on eight floors, together with offices, and project and research rooms.


  • 15/6/2015


    EISP day of sports


    Well done to the whole school on your enthusiastic participation in the EISP 'day of sports' that was organized by Mr Cotier on Monday 15th of June.

    The winners of the categories are below:


    high school football-teachers

  • 16/10/2015

    Mediterranean Cup of football

    for high schools

    EISP would like to take teams from the high school to the Mediterranean cup football tournament in Verona in October.


    If you are interested in playing in either a boys or girls team, please talk to Mr Cotier or the school secretaries asap.

  • 15/6/2015


    EISP days of sports

    All day Monday 15th of June 2015

    years 6,7 and some of the high school


    Talk to your form tutors about it or check the noticeboard outside the gymnasium.

  • 20/3/2015


    Friday March 20th 2015

    at EISP

    confirmed schools attending are I.S.Treviso. Udine I.S, EIS Vicenza, Rosà, I.S.Trieste, IST Barbarigo

    If you wish to participate, and you are in years 6,7 please ask Mr Cotier after white week.

  • 14/3/2015

    St Stephen's international high school in Rome are hosting a football tournament in March. There is a girls 5 a side and a boys 7 a side format. It is on a Saturday and Sunday and therefore would not interfere with your studies too greatly!

    If this interests you, take a look at the website for the tournament and tell Mr Cotier if you would like to go. 

    If we get enough players, we send a team.

  • Please do not bring food or drink into the ICT room at any time.  Thank You.

    Thank you to Leone (7C) for designing the poster.

  • 1/5/2015

    The Mediteranean cup

    This is an 8  a side football tournament between international schools from all over the world, held close to Lake Garda. It will be from Friday1st May until Sunday 3rd of May 2015.

    EISP would like to take a team of girls and a team of boys from years 6,7,8 this year.

    Take a look at the website link below. If it is something that may interest you, ask Mr Cotier for more details. There will be a maximum number of places.

  • The school has taken the decision to postpone Thursday's VISSTA tournament due to the bad weather that is set to continue into the weekend.

    It will now take place on Thursday 20th of November instead.

    All arrangements, selections and schools coming will remain the same unless reason occurs that they should not be. (this website only works in school).

  • 20/10/2014

    The music choir club is a relaxed and friendly choir which is open to all Middle School students - whether you have sung before in a choir or just for fun! 

    The choir will be rehearsing every Thursday lunch time in the music room and no auditions are required so just come along!!



  • The English International School of Padua
    Via Forcellini 168, Padova, Italy, 35128
  • Tel: +39 049 802 2503
    Fax: +39 049 802 0660